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_Who we help

At Vital Hardware, we believe everyone should have an equal opportunity to pursue their dreams and unlock their creative potential. We partner with creative institutions such as Central Saint Martins and D&AD Shift to support students from underprivileged backgrounds.


Through providing laptops and tablets, we reduce socioeconomic barriers to creative success and pave the path for creative fulfilment.

The impact of Vital Hardware’s donations extends far beyond the classroom. With access to laptops, students can explore their creativity, conduct research, collaborate with peers, and showcase their work to a global audience, opening doors to opportunities they may have never thought possible.​

_Why laptops?

These laptops serve as more than just tools for coursework; they represent a lifeline to academic resources, online learning platforms, and communication channels vital for success in today’s digital age. For many of these students, owning a personal laptop is financially out of reach, making Vital Hardware’s donations invaluable.


By bridging the digital divide, Vital Hardware ensures that every student has equal access to the technological resources necessary to thrive in their studies. This commitment removes barriers to learning and fosters a sense of inclusivity for students, ensuring nobody is left without technology.

_What our partners say

"In the digital age, access to technology is synonymous with access to opportunities. Providing laptops is empowering students to overcome economic barriers and bridge the digital divide. This supports their learning, research, and collaboration, all integral to sharing and creating new knowledge.

A laptop is more than just a device, it is a gateway to knowledge, innovation, and global connectivity. This initiative not only supports students in their educational journey but also prepares them for the evolving demands of the contemporary workforce. It is an investment in the future that transcends immediate financial challenges."


Darla-Jane Gilroy Associate Dean of Knowledge Exchnage, Central Saint Martins, UAL.

"Vital Hardware's endeavour is so important in an age where the costs of living and study continue to rise. There are increasing barriers for students who don't have the means to survive and thrive in higher education, particularly in an art school where digital knowledge and skills, partnered with experimentation with tools and materials, are so important.

Vital Hardware's project addresses some of the barriers students face, and helps the industry to help students. Our students are part of the future of the creative industries and Vital Hardware is providing what it says in its name: vital support for studying, for those who need it!"


Jonathan Cason, Associate Dean of Student Experience, CSM

"We are distributing refurbished Macbooks to students who have joined Central Saint Martins having taken part in our outreach programme Insights, which supports progression to UAL for young people from the most economically disadvantaged areas of London.

Digital poverty is a significant challenge for these students, placing an additional barrier to success in their studies and their pathway to careers in the creative sector and beyond.


The free laptops provided by Vital Hardware will remove that barrier and play a vital role in enhancing the life chances of these students. This initiative is life changing for the students involved and we thank Vital Hardware for their incredible support."


Mark Crawley, Dean of Students, UAL

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