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‘The creative industry should not be for the wealthy, it should be for the inspired.’

Tom Philipson, Vital Hardware Founder

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Design shapes our world, yet our industry doesn’t reflect our society. In the UK design workforce, 85.6% of management are white. Jobs for ethnic minority groups are just 13%, and senior positions are just 12%. Worse still, just 16% of creative industry employees come from working-class backgrounds.

Our industry faces a precarious future despite the design economy contributing £97.4bn to the UK economy annually. The creative sector struggles to find homegrown talent, particularly from working-class and ethnically diverse backgrounds. We’ve placed financial barriers along the creative career path, preventing underrepresented and disadvantaged communities from taking the first steps toward becoming creative professionals.

Vital Hardware collaborates with top creative industry educators, schools, and renowned creative businesses to remove these barriers. We aim to empower future creatives with the knowledge and technology to succeed and ensure that the UK boasts the world’s most inclusive creative industry.

It’s time to make creative careers accessible to all, one laptop at a time.


Will you help us?

‘Those from a privileged background who are qualified to degree-level are 5.5 times as likely to secure a creative role than those of working-class background.’

Class in the Creative industries,

Nesta, 2020


Have you recently updated your hardware? Is there an I.T room with discarded laptops, tablets or computers gathering dust? Donate your pre-loved tech.


No hardware to donate? That's ok. You can still support us with cash donations, allowing us to fund hardware for future creatives.

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