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Creative Leaders Unite to Support the Next Generation of Talent

Updated: Mar 15

We recently brought together some of the creative and tech industry's leading thinkers, entrepreneurs and executives. Our aim? To discuss how Vital Hardware, can accelerate its work and create more opportunities for underrepresented young talent.

Leaders with commercial experience from OmnicomBurberry, Nike, Snap Inc.TikTokMetaBrand Advance Group and big fish®, better understood the non-profit needs of our partners from Central Saint Martins, University of The Arts LondonD&AD and Youth Beyond Borders

Whether it’s navigating the cost of living crunch, the de-prioritisation of creative studies at schools or the need for more geographically and socially diverse thinking in our industry, the consensus was that there are simple things that we can do to provide and create more opportunities for emerging talent, from disadvantaged backgrounds.

We agreed a key task is to remove digital poverty and give confidence to young people by providing better access to hardware and software, which in turn leads to a fairer chance of employment.

In our first year, Vital Hardware has provided digital access to over 150 students through desktops, laptops, and monetary support donations. So far, we've donated:

  • 52 Macbook Pro’s & Airs donated to CSM & D&AD Shift

  • 22 desktop Macs donated to Mossborne School Hackney & Grieg City School

  • 29 Samsung tablets donated to CSM

As ever, we remain committed to working with businesses that want to reshape the diverse make-up of the industry in which they operate. Supporting organisations such as D&AD Shift and CSM helps us do that.

As the focus on diversity and inclusion continues to evolve at pace in our sector, we look forward to working with our partners to make a tangible difference.

Do you think you can help shape the future of our industry by making donations? We would love to hear from you.


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